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what we believe

The best marketing and design are born from well-orchestrated collaboration; fusing goals and expertise from across your organization.

We help clients harness the web to solve business & marketing challenges.

We've been designing and building online solutions since the early days of the Web, yet still subscribe to old-school virtues like integrity, craftsmanship, empathy, and service. From e-commerce and visual identity, to the rise of the mobile web, we've collaborated across departments and timezones to implement solutions that engage and delight.

Our digital capabilities make us unique; with decades of experience designing and implementing websites, intranets, e-commerce, CRM, and content management platforms like Drupal and Wordpress.

Rubic is a strategic partner; collaborating closely with sales, IT, and marketing, and leading executive teams through best practices and high-level strategy for using the web to solve business problems or create change. As the web evolves, we continue to refine our agile process and technical tools -- keeping clients ahead of the curve.


We've had the pleasure of working with the best and brightest marketing, IT, sales, and leadership teams at organizations such as: Berkman Center, Harvard Law School. CAIA Association. Child & Family RI. FuseFX. UMass Amherst. Sailors for the Sea. newportFILM. Pioneer Capital. Schoolyard. WFUV Radio.

We welcome opportunities to collaborate with like-minded agencies, designers and technicians. We thrive in fast-paced environments and kill'em with kindness. 

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