process - OLD

Collaborating across departments to build insight, consensus, strategy, and deliverables for success. 

Tell us about your project, or have a look at our typical process steps and stages below.     

Interview stakeholders, client-teams, end-user groups.
Analyze design and web marketing assets, analytics, and challenges, errors. 
Create ‘persona’ per audience types (D)
Define initial scope, goals, requirements and budget range (D)
Kick-off technical setup, and content creation tracks.
Brief with challenges/solutions/metrics/requirements.

Strategy & Definition
Define relevant web standards, best practices, marketing opportunities.
Design prototypes, mockups, marketing/seo analysis.   
Define device and accessibility constraints.
Kick-off third-party tools and collaborations (as needed).
Adjust scope, goals and requirements (D).

Audit Content - marketing message, verbiage, multimedia, storyline.
Sitemap - collaborative iterations (D).
Wireframe - collaborative iterations (D).
Moodboards, visual/brand sketches, samples and design track.
Sign-off: Sitemap, wireframes, scope (D) 

Visual Design
Review, iterate moodboards (D).
Design research and interviews.
Client feedback and dialogue.
Deliver creative brief review, signoff (D).
Present design concepts, grid structure, style guides (D).
Sign-off on design (or further iteration) (D).

Prepare development servers.
Develop core features and functionalities, weekly client review (D).
Load content - text and imagery.
Apply design system, site theming.
Final content edit, review and training.
Quality Assure, and conduct user acceptance testing (UAT).
Migrate to LIVE server, soſt launch (D).
Track/monitor and report results, final edit.
Begin Follow-on, Phase-2 tasklists.