Where to Begin? Planning a website redesign project.

On average, a corporate website presence is redesigned every two to five years. These website overhauls can ioncredibly costly, time consuming, yet critical to the sustainance of the oraganization. Not to mention a key vehiclke to sales and marketing growth. Websites are the lifeblood and primary communications tool in most markets these days. IDeally, your website has a long-range vision and roadmap already establikshed. And right now you are chipping away at a long list of clearly defined tasks, with an established team and protocols for rapid development and implementation of new tools and features online. 


Reality Sets In.

What do you do when your website is outdated, or worse, broken and difficult to navigate?

It can be difficult to know where to start a website overhaul.

Here's some advice from my fifteen years working in the trenches of developing data-driven websites and online platforms. Building-out a clear design process and team, including expert designers and consultants from outside your organization, creates a strong start. Don't say it out loud, but when it comes time to redesign your company website, you can always "break out your G.A.T."  Define your Goals, Analysis, and Team. 

Goals - what's wrong with it? What does the gap between what you have and what you want look like? Put facts and figiures bnehind these goals. 

 - Interview execcutive team, targeted user groups asbout their needs and desires. What are the latest business, sales and marketing goals in the company? Stand these up against your websitre's content and look and feel. 

Goals come from several areas - Technology, User Experience, number of new Sales Leads for example. Try to refine and limit your website redesign goals down to 1 per area -- one per msarketing, one per Sales, one per Technology. 

Example Goals from Recent corporate website redesign: 


  •  - enable Members to sign-in to download gated-content from a thirtdparty application. 
  • - Use responsive web design to accomoodate a worldwide audience and variety of devices.

etc via CAIA

Analysis - 

Team - 



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