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Responsive Web Design (RWD)

A single website presence optimized for any screen size.


Mobile devices typically account for 20-50% of your website traffic. The (That) number seems to double each year. One of our e-commerce (e-Commerce) clients recently saw a whopping 860% increase in ipad (iPad) visits (you read that correctly - 860%). With a touch/mobile (the mobile/device) revolution underway(,) organizations are struggling to understand, measure and implement the best solutions for mobile users -- not to mention their content authors and online publishing workflows. "Responsive web design" (“Responsive” web design) to the rescue.

Responsive web design (Web Design)(*add a space)(RWD) uses a single website to detect (the) screen size of mobile devices. Responsive websites then reformat layouts and content on the fly to be optmized (optimized) for smaller screens, less bandwidth and touch-based navigation. Sounds easy(,) but going Responsive (“responsive”) can affect every step of your web project -- budget, timeline, planning, design, testing and coding, oh my!(coding, and testing!) Responsive (RWD) requires a deep understanding (of) your user's (users’) preferences and the context they're visiting your website in (remove*). For example, tablet users may not be on-the-go (mobile) at all. They're likely sitting at home with ample WiFi bandwidth consuming video and high-resolution imagery. Smartphones users might be waiting in line, or scrambling to find critical information while walking or (buckle-up!) driving.

Rubic determines and documents scenarios like these in your discovery phase -- providing hard data and the foundation for prioritizing and presenting your website experience on the myriad (of) mobile and touch devices. Responsive web design (RWD) eliminates the need for a separate mobile website, reducing (the) overhead and resources of maintaining separate websites. That's right. Gone are the days of "Visit Full Site". Our graphic and user interface design expertise allow us to create experiences enabling users to browse or search for files, data, inventory and even make secure purchases with a few taps of their fingers.

Rubic has been planning, designing, and implementing responsive websites since the method was invented by Ethan Marcotte one cold winter in 2010 - shortly after iPads and iPhones hit the shelves. Rubic builds every web project(s) using Responsive (RWD) coding. We've organized responsive web design training in Providence, RI, building a more elegant mobile-web for everyone. (*not needed)

Matthew Dutra