User Experience Design

User Experience design illustrates and refines how your customers, visitors & stakeholders will interact with your web presence.

Web design trends and technologies change. So Rubic focuses on the needs of users rather than the latest tricks. After defining your business and marketing goals, Rubic studies your audience to define who they are and how they interact with your website or web-based applications. Through interviews, research and surveys, we group users by need and area and, then design structures and interfaces that will make navigating them simple and intuitive.

Our user experience design services include prototyping and testing (as well) -- where we build paper or browser-base models and examples, then study and iterate the results with users and the client team. By iterating the user experience in shorter, smaller cycles, we're able to refine the experience before it goes LIVE (live), and ensure that users are delighted with the flow and feedback (experience) they get from your website.

User Experience Design (UX) has matured and is (more) in-demand as mobile and touchscreen devices cannabalize (cannibalize) the the desktop and laptop computers of the past. What's next, after mobile? Touchscreens (Touch screens) in every car or household appliances are just one possibility. Censors allowing us to navigate high-resolution monitors through touch and genstures (gestures) are sure to come.

Matthew Dutra