rubic design + interactive



Collaborating across departments to build insight, consensus, strategy & deliverables for success. 

Dive Deep with Discovery

Our Discovery phase engages clients early and often to build a strong foundation of strategy, requirements, and constraints. Are you unsure of the best approach? We'll collaborate closely across your entire organization -- through stakeholder interviews, in-depth analysis, and strategy workshops, to define your exact audience, goals, benchmarks, and approach for success.

Discovery aligns teams, vendors, technology, and decision-makers; giving each a clear role and area of expertise. Culminating with a Report of Findings and stakeholder brief, Discovery sets the stage for content development, integrations, and a user-centered design approach. 

  • User/stakeholder Interviews
  • Analysis and critique
  • Audience definition
  • Scope, goals & requirements
  • Strategy Brief

A Content-Driven Experience

Design and technology trend s change, so instead we focus on optimizing your content/media, digital brand messaging, and accessibility standards. Content Strategy puts your audience at the center of the decision-making process, and provides exact criteria for implementing a CMS (content management system). Understanding each type of content, and key users/seekers, also ensures mobile-friendly navigation and effective calls to action and further systems integration. Through collaborative sitemapping, storyboarding, content inventory/critique, and prototype development, we'll develop a holistic strategy for your digital sales marketing content; refining your message and developing measurable calls top action action based on business goals.

  • Content inventory & audit
  • Sitemap/Wireframe prototype
  • Marketing calls to action
  • Integration, migration

User-Focused Strategy

Design trends and technologies change, so we employ User Experience Design, rather than the latest buzzword or gimmick. After defining business and marketing goals, we'll study your audience to define who they are and how they interact with content and applications. Through interviews, research, and surveys, we group users by need and experience through the website, and then design structures and interfaces that make navigating simple and intuitive. User-experience design empowers the design phase with real content; giving a highly accurate look at the final product, and pin-pointing software integrations and marketing calls-to-action.

  • Responsive Design
  • Audience Profiles
  • Mobile Test/QA
  • CRM integration

Designing Look & Feel

Arguably the most exciting and tangible phase, Visual Design breathes life and emotion into pages and applications. Initial sketches and "moodboards" allow for rapid collaboration and iteration with stakeholders and business teams, while ensuring consistency in your brand's color palette, typography,a nd digital styleguides. Our approach to responsive web design includes includes creative brief, responsive design/css systems, iterative mockups, and final delivery of visual guidelines and branding systems. Final design work is carefully implemented and adjusted and tested across browsers, and often delivered for enterprise-class e-commerce, content management, and third-party software platforms

  • Moodboards & concepting
  • Styleguide Development
  • Resposive design systems
  • Web typography
  • Digital branding

Build, Refine & Deploy 

Building should be the easy part. As we approach Implementation, your content, requirements, and goals are already carved in stone and web servers for digital development are ready to go. After creating and briefing teams on timeline and priorities, we typically organize  "agile/sprints" -- focusing and building the most important features first, iterating and collecting feedback from decision-makers, and applying look and feel towards the end. We involve clients often, and while following scope, we like to leave space for refinements in the iterative process. With content and design teams working in tandem, code and design implementation are tested and prepared for prime-time. We often recommend and train clients on Drupal and Wordpress CMS, but are equally comfortable using microsoft and custom-coded cms products, or using lighter platforms such as Squarespace.

  • Web server, code versioning
  • Agile code development
  • Content population/edit 
  • Design integration
  • Q.A. & Testing