Sailors for the Sea

Responsive web design, online publishing & event registration workflows built on the Drupal cms 

Sailors for the Sea
Build awareness, and increase online giving & program enrollment 

Sailors for the Sea is a worldwide ocean conservancy non-profit founded by David Rockefeller, Jr. They needed a new web content management system to more efficiently create, publish, and manage scientific and environmental content out through blogs, email lists, social media, and multiple educational sources. In Sailors for the Sea new Drupal cms platform, they also needed to create a set of online registrations and “green” certification applications online.

After analyzing user needs, traffic reports, and interviewing staff, board members, and longtime supporters, Rubic designed a responsive and mobile-friendly website optimized for longform essays and impact studies, with embedded video, charts, and engagement calls to action.

 We created an intuitive multi-page registrations process and backend workflow, drastically reducing the time and effort needed to help event owners and planners host a green-certified event. The new system was used to certify marinas participating in the America's Cup Sailing events in San Francisco.

After launch, Sailors for the Sea new website presence had "performance indicators" that excelled across the board, with a lowered bounce-rate, and pages-per-visit that increased 300%.